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Travel & Tourism is the world's largest industry and as such it is logical that there are common worldwide approaches to sustainability — using global practices adapted to local situations and taking account of both public and private sector involvement in the ownership, operation and infrastructure. To ensure that there is consistency and predictability for consumers GREEN GLOBE 21 has set down its basic performance criteria and recommended practices in manual format for its Members (with an Executive Summary available to Affiliates). This is updated on the web on a realtime basis and is an invaluable operational guide. It is supported by web based technical assistance from our research centres in the UK and Australia.

At the same time Travel & Tourism is an immensely fragmented industry with a major share of the business passing through small and medium sized entreprises. It is evident that the practical issues facing waste disposal for example will vary immensely from a cruise operator, to an airport, to a travel agency — although the principle of minimising waste and conserving energy will be central to each. For this reason sectoral guides and performance indicators have been prepared for the following sectors with more in the pipeline.

The sectors covered to date are as follows:

for Companies
» Airlines » Airports » Attractions » Car Hire » Caravan Parks » Convention Centres » Cruise Boats » Exhibition Halls » Golf Courses » Hotels » Marinas » Micro Businesses » Railways » Restaurants » Tour Operators

for Communities
» Cities » Destinations » Protected Areas » Resorts » Rural Locations

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