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GREEN GLOBE 21 is the global brand for sustainable travel & tourism. Established by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) following the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, it has the support of major travel and tourism industry and government organisations. It provides a certification service for companies and communities against the Agenda 21 based GREEN GLOBE 21 Standard.

GREEN GLOBE 21 is a privately held company sustained by fees and shareholder support. It is intended to broaden public involvement and sponsorship in the coming years.

In 1994
We introduced the first worldwide branded system of environmental management for tourism companies. This was based on Agenda 21 for Travel & Tourism sponsored and promoted by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the World Tourism Organization and the Earth Council. An environmental code, with policy guidance, environmental management systems, employee information, consumer tips and other supporting information was introduced to an industry not always well versed in environmental practice. This leadership was paralleled by many organisations, reflecting a mood swing in the community towards environmental sustainability.

In 1996
GREEN GLOBE introduced a self-measurement health check on performance and devised its first concepts of multi-stakeholder involvement.

In 1997
GREEN GLOBE extended its scheme to communities. This meant local and national authorities providing leadership in Agenda 21 based environmental improvements could be formally recognised for their good work and encouraged to develop a continuous cycle of environmental improvement.

In 1998
GREEN GLOBE began to develop its first 'GREEN GLOBE 21 Standard' based on both Agenda 21 and the evolving ISO based system — moving the industry on from codes and good practice to a formal enviornmental management system approach. It also established a regional operation base in agreements for Asia Pacific Operation through the university based Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism in Australia (CRC) and with CAST Caribbean in the Americas.

In 1999
Respecting consumer concern for the need for independent validation of environmental performance GREEN GLOBE 21 upgraded its scheme to a full Certification system with 3rd party independent audit. It also restructured as an independent organisation and established the International Advisory Council to provide advice on system development.

In 2000
GREEN GLOBE 21 decided to strengthen its global system through upgraded research. This has been achieved thanks to the key collaborative agreement with the CRC Tourism Australia and through the creation of the GREEN GLOBAL Village Sustainable Tourism Laboratory in the United Kingdom. CRC has been actively improving the Green Globe base product for companies and communities. GGV has focused on the Green Globe Web development and sustainable tourism modelling for community destinations as well as other specialist advice. Central to these activities has been a desire to incorporate greenhouse gas reduction into the GREEN GLOBE 21 Standard and to upgrade its process (or tick the box) method of certification, to an approach which was based on quantification and measurement of performance.

2001 Upgrade

  • The new millennium GREEN GLOBE 21 Path to Sustainable Tourism.
  • Improved support for operational cost savings and market positioning.
  • Internet based promotion of GREEN GLOBE 21 members to Consumers worldwide.
  • Reduced Fees — easy low cost, high value acces for small & medium sized members.
  • 2001 upgraded GREEN GLOBE 21 Certification Standard for Companies & Communities.
  • Inclusion of Agenda 21: ISO: Triple Bottom Line economic, ecological & social elements.
  • Updated Guidebook and good practice indicators for 15 industry sectors.
  • Educational Affiliate entry point with greenhouse gas focus.
  • Innovative global performance "Benchmarking" against Earthcheck™ indicators.
  • Advanced EMS support services.
  • Enhanced Independent Accreditation and Certification service.
  • New entrepreneurship guide and training programs for developing markets.
  • Research & Development at GGv — Sustainable Tourism Laboratory & CRC Tourism Australia.
  • International Advisory Council to ensure consistency with global evolution.
  • A new foundation to support Sustainable Development generally.

Green Globe 21, 7 St Stephens Court, St Stephens Road,
Bournemouth BH2 6LA, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1202 312001, Fax: +44 (0)1202 312002,
E-mail: [email protected]