Green Globe process - International Ecotourism Standard

The Green Globe International Ecotourism Standard will provide you with a framework to measure, monitor and make ongoing improvements in the environmental and social performance of your Ecotourism products. This is achieved through a process of Benchmarking and Certification. The Affiliate level is an optional first step of the program for Ecotourism operations who wish to learn more about the program before undertaking Benchmarking.


The Benchmarking process will enable you to measure, monitor and make ongoing improvements in the key performance areas outlined in the Green Globe Sector Benchmarking Indicators for Ecotourism. Green Globe will help you achieve this with a range of information and support tools available from the Benchmarking Participant’s Area of the website.

Through an annual Benchmarking assessment, the environmental and social performance of your ecotourism products will be measured against sector and region specific baseline and best practice levels.

On the completion of your Benchmarking assessment you will receive a confidential Benchmarking Assessment report which will demonstrate and provide feedback on your performance against the Benchmarking indicators for Ecotourism.

When you register your Ecotourism products for Benchmarking you can take as long as you need to complete the benchmarking process. However, once successfully Benchmarked you must repeat the process annually in order to retain Benchmarked status.

Sector Benchmarking Indicators for Ecotourism - Accommodation This document provides a detailed explanation of the Benchmarking process and measurements required for the Ecotourism Accommodation Sector. It should be read in conjuction with the Green Globe International Ecotourism Standard to help you prepare your Benchmarking information for assessment.

For more information on Benchmarking visit the Earthcheck website.

As a Benchmarking participant, your annual Green Globe fee includes:
- Access to the Green Globe Benchmarking Software
- Green Globe User’s Guide
- Confidential Benchmarking Assessment and Report

Once a Benchmarking assessment has been completed for your ecotourism products you will also receive:
- Use of Green Globe Benchmarked logo for a period of 12 months
- Benchmarked Certificate and promotional material
- Promotion on website through travel planner
- Preparatory material for Certification
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Certification is the highest level of the Green Globe program. In order to proceed to this level you must first successfully complete the Benchmarking process.

Full certification means that your community will have achieved recognition for its environmental management. It is a prestigious achievement and one that recognises environmental accomplishments to the community, consumers and businesses.

Certification with Green Globe is a simple process. After achieving Benchmarked status, your ecotourism products are required to meet the provisions of the Green Globe International Ecotourism Standard , and demonstrate this achievement through an assessment by an independent third party Assessor

For full details of the Certification process click the link below.

On completion of your Certification Assessment* you will receive a confidential Assessor’s Report which will provide you with valuable feedback on your community’s environmental and social performance. This will assist your community to establish achievable targets for improved outcomes and facilitate triple bottom line reporting.

Once successfully Certified, you will receive:
- Certified Certificate and promotional material
- Use of Green Globe logo with tick
- Published Case Study
- Premier promotion on website

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*Your annual Green Globe fee does not include cost of Certification Assessment.


Affiliate status is an optional first step in the Green Globe process for participants under the IES Standard. It is for businesses who are comfortable with being aligned with the Green Globe Vision to create a sustainable travel and tourism industry or just want to learn more about the program before undertaking Benchmarking.

At the Affiliate level, your company will receive introductory information about the Green Globe program and the principles of sustainable tourism. You will be acquainted with the Green Globe IES and Benchmarking Indicators relevant to your product and have access to a range of useful documents and tools to help improve the sustainability of your business and prepare for Benchmarking and Certification.

As part of the annual Affiliate participation your company will receive:
- Information on the Green Globe program including Benchmarking and Certification
- Information on improving sustainability
- Listing on the Green Globe website through the Participant’s search
- Use of the Affiliate Stamp
- Green Globe Reception Desk Brochure
- Latest Green Globe and sustainable tourism news from around the world
- Interactive pre-benchmarking checklist

As a Green Globe Affiliate Participant you will be committed to:
- Developing and Submitting an Ecotourism Policy prior to renewal
- Becoming familiar with Benchmarking & Certification
- Being aware of sustainable tourism principles
- Investigating sustainable tourism practices

All your Affiliate information and tools will be made available to you through the Participant’s Area of the website.

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