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Tuesday, 2nd of March, 2002


World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations
Professional Guides to advance GREEN Tourism

WFTGA - The World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations signed an agreement at the World Travel Market 2001 to become an advanced guard for the GREEN GLOBE 21 System, which helps communities and companies develop sustainable tourism.

The 25,000 professional tourist guides will add sustainable development to their traditional expertise in tourism heritage and culture allowing them to promote good practise to travellers, travel companies and to the travel communities where they operate.

The guides will wear a distinctive GREEN GLOBE 21 badge to alert consumers to their special knowledge.

Geoffrey Lipman, Chairman of GREEN GLOBE 21 said that direct involvement of the professional guides was a major step forward in creating responsible tourism — their expertise will greatly enhance the messages to travellers and provide a valuable link in the sustainable tourism communication chain.

Elizabeth Schroder President of WFTGA believes this new collaboration will rightly place the Professional Tourist Guides at the cutting edge of GREEN Tourism and allow them to make a major contribution to the long term sound development of the communities they serve.

A Joint Accord

It is mutually agreed as follows:
  1. Green Globe and WFTGA affirm the goal of achieving sustainable tourism worldwide and affirm that both organisations are key parts of the global tourism industry.

  2. Green Globe and WFTGA undertake to publicise each others mission statements, achievements and ongoing work.

  3. Green Globe will give WFTGA free coverage on its web site and electronic newsletter.

  4. WFTGA will give Green Globe free coverage in its member publications.

  5. WFTGA undertakes to promote awareness and understanding of sustainable tourism among its members.

  6. WFTGA will hold an annual event that will examine the subject of sustainable tourism.

  7. WFTGA will provide benefits to Green Globe on each occasion that Green Globe successfully introduces a new WFTGA member. Green Globe will provide benefits to WFTGA on each occasion that WFTGA successfully introduces a new Green Globe member. Such benefits will be agreed between the parties from time to time.

  8. Green Globe will grant individual professionally qualifed tourist guides who are members of assocations also in membership of WFTGA, or who are individual affiliates of WFTGA, affiliate status. Green Globe will provide each such affiliates:
    1. a distinctive Green Globe badge

    2. access to learning and support materials as agreed from time to time between Green Globe and WFTGA. Such materials will be made available to its members by WFTGA from time to time.

  9. This accord will be for 3 years at which time it may be renewed by mutual agreement. During the term of the accord it may be reviewed and modified by mutual agreement in writing.

Geoffrey Lipman
Chairman of Green Globe
Elisabeth Schroder
President WFTGA

Information prepared by

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

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