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Tuesday, 29th of January, 2002


Towards a greener tomorrow

The Serena Environmental Society is continuing to create awareness in Faislabad about the importance of preservation and protection of the environment by conducting environmental protection events and activities at Faisalabad Serena Hotel. Serena Environmental Society has also won a trophy for its community contributions in Faisalabad.

In March 2001 a tree plantation drive was conducted by Serena Environmental Society in which one hundred saplings were planted at:

  1. Shiblee College for Women
  2. City Muslim High School
  3. Madrassa for Children

A small lecture was also arranged at the Shiblee College for Women, The plantation was achieved with the help by students of the three educational institutions and an oath was taken by them to look after the saplings and plant at least one tree at home.

A flower show in collaboration with the Gardeners Club Faisalabad was also arranged during March. It was an event spread over a period of 2 days in which different communities inside and outside of Faisalabad took part.

In April 2001 Serena Environmental Society conducted a "Drive against smoke emitting vehicles" in an effort to create awareness among the masses regarding the deadly effect of vehicle emissions. The activity was conducted in collaboration with Shezan International. Children of various schools, along with the employees of Faisalabad Serena Hotel and Shezan International, walked to the Club Road (a busy intersection) and stopped all the vehicles checking their smoke emission percentage. All the vehicles emitting more than 40 per cent black smoke were given a warning by SP traffic, and the environmentally friendly vehicles were presented with gifts by the organizers.

To educate the children about recycling, waste camps were organized at various Schools with the help of employees of Faisalabad Serena Hotel from 24 September to 28 September 2001 with the purpose to teach children how to dispose of waste material such as plastic and glass. During the activity children were asked to bring waste items from their home, which later were purchased by waste camps and cash reimbursements was made on the spot. The students were also given a lecture to explain to them the importance of recycling. Waste camps collected 150 kg of waste items, which were sold to a vendor for further recycling. The schools which participated in this activity were:

  1. City School - Senior Branch
  2. Eaton Hall School

Apart from these activities a great deal of effort has been done inside the Hotel itself. Faisalabad Serena Hotel is a 148 room hotel and therefore has many washrooms including public toilets. To reduce water consumption in guestrooms W.C tanks were adjusted from 12.5 litres per flush to 10 litres per flush. All the guestrooms shower pressure was also adjusted.

The hotel has designed the following environmentally sensitive products which are currently in use:

  1. Ozone friendly sprays and air fresheners.
  2. Cloth laundry bags have replaced plastic bags.
  3. Butter paper wrappings have replaced all plastic food wrapping.
  4. Washable Rexene garbage bags have been introduced in the kitchen. By doing Faisalabad achieved a saving of approximately 400 kgs of plastic bags per annum.

The hotel is currently in the process of improving their environmentally sensitive purchasing policy by:

  1. Using reusable bottles and Chinaware are used
  2. Encouraging suppliers to supply in bulk using returnable packaging
  3. Ensuring no plastic and Polythene bags are used
  4. Using paper bags or cloth bags as much as possible

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