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The unique GREEN GLOBE 21 Standard has been radically upgraded — most noticeably to add measurement criteria to the established process based features. In addition the social aspects have been amplified and work is underway to incorporate key aspects of the WTO's international Code of Ethics. A second standard for Communities has been developed with common characteristics to the company standard — allowing for positive interaction between GREEN GLOBE 21 Members in the same area.

The features of GREEN GLOBE 21 give it industry and consumer competitive and comparative advantages. These include:

Its proprietal standard, benchmarking and certification system.
Its web support, marketing and sales.
Its use of widely accepted ISO standards in line with mainstream community norms.
Its linkage with local Agenda 21 in line with mainstream community norms.
Its capacity for sector and geographic differentiation.
Its ability to raise the level of all industry players and not just top performers.
Its mobilisation of established certification and EMS consultants.
Its low cost entry and special micro business schemes.
Its partnership and joint venture co-marketing expansion base.
Its support for eco-management, resource conservation and social issues.
Its global applicability, local focus and emerging market value added.
It fits with and facilitates evolving quality, health and safety systems.
Its offer of cost reduction and market positioning to companies and communities.

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