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For the past two years we have worked closely with our partners in the Asia Pacific region: CRC Tourism to strengthen the GREEN GLOBE 21 System using contemporary tourism and environmental research. CRC Tourism is a consortium of 15 Australian Universities supported by Government and the private sector, focusing on Sustainable Tourism Research & Development. Its read extends throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Similarly we have benefitted from the work of CAST Caribbean, another joint venture partner which has spearheaded leading edge research on the specific challenges of sustainability in one of the worlds most intensively visited, ecologically sensitive and economically dependent regions.

Now we have created in Bournemouth UK a headquarters linked non-profit research institution to coordinate this work on a global basis. Green Global village — Sustainable Tourism Laboratory will focus on providing a credible intellectual basis and a platform for research, policy and strategic planning for Sustainable Tourism — at international, regional, national and local levels. The STL will be funded from public and private sources; its network will include experts from around the world with vast academic and industry experience undertaking platform and contract research.

Its current agenda includes:

» Green Globe 21 Operational Research
» Sustainable Tourism Education Attractions
» Wise Growth Strategic Visioning
» Eco-nometric Modelling
» Awareness, Education, Entrepreneurship and Training
» Innovative Technology Transfer
» Integrated Internet Sustainability Solutions

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