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The GREEN GLOBE 21 Path will extend involvement, encourage performance and strengthen the brand for consumer recognition. It not only focuses on corporate and community improvement systems, but also addresses global environmental concerns — with a priority on Greenhouse Gas reduction.

GREEN GLOBE 21's 2001 product has been upgraded into a three-stage process (ABC) for Companies, Communities and Consumers.

ABC is quite simply the best way to achieve sustainable travel and & tourism development. Developed along the principles of wise growth in response to the growing number of people who want to travel wisely.

The Green Globe 21 Path to Sustainable Tourism

A: Affiliates. Affiliates are companies, communities, suppliers or professionals who wish to access the GREEN GLOBE 21 web site to selectively acquire information, data, tools and join like-minded individuals who see the benefits of reducing their costs, helping preserve the environment and obtaining a marketing profile in the process. Affiliate membership represents the first step on the GREEN GLOBE 21 Path to sustainability.

B: Benchmarking. Benchmarking companies and communities are on the second step of the pathway towards sustainable travel & tourism. Benchmarking companies and communities have access to the GREEN GLOBE 21 web site which provides them with information on benchmarking. They receive a sustainability assessment and are assisted in their progress towards their next step on the GREEN GLOBE 21 pathway, Certification. While they are progressing along the B path they also receive more cost reducing information and even greater market profile from the GREEN GLOBE 21 web site.

C: Certifying. Certified companies and communities have travelled further along the GREEN GLOBE 21 Path to sustainable travel & tourism. But the journey doesn’t end here. Sustainability is a dynamic concept and GREEN GLOBE 21 members continually strive to better their performance. Certified members have their performance independently assessed and audited. Audits take place regularly to ensure that performance levels are maintained or improved. These elite travel & tourism companies and communities hold premier position on the GREEN GLOBE 21 web site. They continue to access the GREEN GLOBE 21 passworded site and all of the benefits from their membership.

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