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GREEN GLOBE 21 is committed to improved environmental outcomes for the Travel and Tourism industry. It has targeted the big environmental issues facing our planet and is looking for tangible improvements from travel and tourism companies and communities.

These issues are identified in the GREEN GLOBE 21 Standard:

    » Reduce Greenhouse Gas
    » Improve Energy Efficiency
    » Protect Air Quality
    » Control Noise
    » Manage Waste Water
    » Better Community Relations
    » Respect Cultural Heritage
    » Enhance Social Performance
    » Conserve Nature & Wildlife
    » Good Land Management
    » Conserve Eco-Systems

They reflect the key elements identified in the WTTC/WTO/Earth Council interpretation of Agenda 21 for Travel & Tourism — the most significant sectoral adaptation of the Rio document. They also incorporate important aspects of the widely accepted ISO process based improvement system — particularly in the development of Environmental Management Systems and independent Audit. Finally they have been overlayed with key aspects of Triple Bottom Line sustainability analysis, which adds economic and social balance to the generally recognised ecological features.

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