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Companies and Communities going beyond the Affiliate phase of the GREEN GLOBE 21 Path have significant opportunity to increase their efficiency, lower costs and enhance their marketability, but the commitment requires an effort to identify areas for improvement and put in place the necessary change mechanisms. This is often described as introducing an Environmental Management System (EMS) and can be compared to other ISO type quality standards. To encourage support for such systems directly linked to Green Globe 21, we are encouraging EMS specialists to familiarise them with the Path and to establish formal links with GREEN GLOBE 21.

On an experimental basis in the UK and Spain — two key tourism origin and destination markets — we are creating with AEA Technologies a branded GREEN GLOBE 21 EMS franchise with experts specifically trained in Green Globe 21 activity and strategically located to ensure full national, regional and local support, with the quality backing of the brand. Elsewhere we are looking at different schemes to ensure that GREEN GLOBE 21 Members who want to support sustainable tourism will have ready access to qualified professional advisors.

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