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Improved Central Support Operation

A central support operation has always been an important part of the GREEN GLOBE product. It has not always been as responsive as members would have wished. We have now added skills and shifted focus to improve the quality and consistency of support.

Use of the web: password protected access and e-mail membership interaction ensures timely information and reaction. Dedicated researchers will provide good practice advice from all over the world, carefully filtered to prevent overload. This process will also ensure sectoral differentiation where necessary. The Greenhouse Gas health-check and benchmarking process increase the interactivity.

The web will also allow Affiliates and Members to be positioned in a proactive way to the green marketplace — ranging from web lists, to banners, to brochures with full mainstream sale through leading Travel booking engines under development.

Special co-op promotions ensure that GREEN GLOBE participants will be profiled through partner websites. In this context our alliance with the International Airline Passenger Association provides privileged access to hundreds of thousands of the world's most frequent flyers.

We will aggressively extend these services.

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