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It all began in Rio...
at the 1992 Earth Summit. Among the many key issues identified was the pressing need for the Travel & Tourism Industry, including destinations and resorts, to develop in sustainable ways:

tick Ways that make use of our environment without damaging it.
tick Ways that allow all local people to benefit from tourism without destroying their culture.

Green Globe came into being in 1994 in response to that need and has been recognised by the industry and governments as the only global environment programme for travel companies and destinations.

Green Globe Logo (without tick)

The Green Globe logo that has become symbolic with environmental awareness for Travel & Tourism now incorporates the 21 element. This graphically symbolises the shift from awareness to Agenda 21 based ISO style certification. The new Green Globe 21 logo signifies Companies and Communities who formally agree to achieve certification within a fixed time frame.

The Green Globe 21 logo with a distinctive tick signifies Companies and Communities who have completed the process and been independently verified.

Now strengthened to become a unique certification standard and brand - Green Globe 21 is helping companies and communities improve environmental quality and consumer appeal. Applying the Earth Summit's Agenda 21 for sustainable development to promote a 21st century Travel & Tourism lifestyle.

Green Globe 21 means...
    Quality alliances for global coverage and local implementation
    State of the art Environment Management and Support Systems
    Clear standards based on ISO and Agenda 21
    Independent Certification
    World-wide, web-driven promotion of brand holders for consumers

The Goals of Green Globe 21 are...

  1. To encourage companies and communities of all sizes to join Green Globe 21 to show their commitment to sound environmental practice.

  2. To promote the simple fact that adopting good environmental practice makes good long-term business sense.

  3. To explain examples of industry best practice to Businesses and to Governments.

  4. To sustain the quality of our holidays for our children - and our children's children.

Green Globe 21, 7 St Stephens Court, St Stephens Road,
Bournemouth BH2 6LA, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1202 312001, Fax: +44 (0)1202 312002,
E-mail: [email protected]