World Tourism Organization (WTO)

Linked to UNEP, WTO is the leading intergovernmental organisation in tourism. Headquartered in Madrid, WTO is entrusted by 133 countries and territories with the promotion and development of tourism. WTO's mission is to develop tourism as a significant means of fostering international peace and understanding, economic development and international trade. With an affiliate membership of over 300, WTO is the only intergovernmental organisation open to operating sector. It provides a vital forum for governments and the industry to meet and address issues of common interest and concern.

WTO Activities:

WTO undertook an interpretation of Agenda 21 for the travel and tourism industry (in partnership with WTTC) in 1995 and has completed a programme to develop a set of indicators for sustainable development within the travel and tourism industry. They have also produced a Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

Publications include 'WTO News' every two months and the annual 'Statistical Year Book'. For more details, visit the WTO website or contact the address below.

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