Institute of Tourism Studies (Instituto Estudios Turisticos)

Reporting directly to the Secretaría de Estado de Comercio, Turismo y Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, depending on the Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda, from the last reorganization of Spanish Public Administration (*).

Its tasks are to analyse, study and draw up statistical information and publish these data for use as a tool by the Public Administrations and the institutions or companies in the sector in, their planning and strategic decision-making.

Although it is essentially devoted to research and analysis work, the Institute of Tourism Studies has also been allocated the following scopes:

Ths Institute also produces a quarterly magazine.

The Institute has a general interest in the relationship between tourism and environment, considering the importance of promoting sustainable development of the activity.

In particular the area of interest within tourism and environment is now to determine the environmental indicators useful to define the environmental quality of tourism areas. An example of the publications in this area is the Manual del Planificador de Turismo Rural, 1994 (Handbook of the Rural Tourism Planner, 1994).

(*)Real Decreto 758/1996, de 5 de mayo, de reestructuracion de Departamentos Ministeriales.
Real Decreto 1884/1996, de 2 de agosto; de estructura organica basica del
Ministerio de Economia y Hacienda.

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