ICLEI - The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Who we are
The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the international environmental agency for local governments. We know from concrete experience that local actions can have a global impact. Global consumption and waste production is increasingly concentrated in urban areas.

The concentration of people in cities provides unparalleled opportunities to meet human needs and reduce and manage wastes. Meanwhile, by strengthening rural communities, we can reduce the pattern of ecological destruction and population migration which is often a result of rural poverty and desperation.

Local governments, in partnership with their residents and local businesses, are taking action. ICLEI was established in 1990 through a partnership of the United Nations Environment programme, the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) and the Center for Innovative Diplomacy. ICLEI maintains a formal association with IULA.

  1. To serve as an international clearing house on sustainable development and environmental protection policies, programmes and techniques being implemented at the local level by local institutions.
  2. To initiate joint projects or campaign among groups of local governments to research and develop new approaches to address pressing environmental and development problems.
  3. To organise training programmes and publish reports and technical manuals on state of the art environmental management practices.
  4. To serve as an advocate for local governments before national and international governments, agencies and organisations to increase their understanding and support of local environmental protection and sustainable development activities.

By ICLEI's 10th anniversary in the year 2000, the organisation aims to achieve a global system to achieve, measure and report on tangible improvements in the global environment through the cumulative global performance improvements of ICLEI's Member municipalities.

ICLEI members include more than 280 local governments of all sizes from around the world, all of whom share a common purpose: to take a leadership role in identifying and implementing innovative environmental management practices at local level.

Current Projects
-Local Agenda 21 Model Communities Programme
- The European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign
- Sustainable Transportation Programme
- Green Buildings Programme
- Green Fleets Programme

ICLEI has offices in Toronto (Canada), Freiburg (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Harare (Zimbabwe), Santiago (Chile)

The World Secretariat postal address is:
City Hall, 8th floor
East Tower
Toronto, ON M5H2N2
Tel: 001 416 392 1462
Fax: 001 416 392 1478
Email: [email protected]

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