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The HHA is an Association of owners and guardians of historic houses, castles and gardens whose concern is to work for a fiscal, political and economic climate in which private owners can maintain Britain's historic houses for the benefit of the nation and for future generations. The Association's concerns include not only the buildings themselves but their contents and works of art, and the gardens, parks, and designed landscapes that surround them.

The Association has more than 1,400 members, ranging from some of the most famous and popular historic houses that are open to the public to smaller mansion houses and similar properties. The latter comprise nearly two thirds of the membership. Smaller houses, many of which could not contemplate regular opening to the public, provide much of the diversity and depth that is a feature of Britain's heritage and the HHA is concerned with the special range of problems they face.

Advisory: The Association gives broad advice to Members through Historic House its quarterly magazine, advisory manuals, a programme of seminars and through a small team of staff and specialist consultants. The Technical Adviser is retained to give first line individual advice free of charge, with more detailed or specialist advice available for a fee.

Historic Buildings & Gardens Exhibitions : The Association organises the Historic Building & Gardens exhibition every year in conjunction with its General Meeting.

Planning & Listed Building Consent : The Association successfully opposed attempts to expand the scope of listing controls to cover the contents of historic houses.

The Association makes written submissions on behalf of Members whose heritage property stands to be directly and adversely affected by nearby development. It has also been instrumental in ensuring that the Policy Planning Guidance Notes issued to Local Authorities recognise the particular problems of Historic Houses.

Insurance : The Association maintains relations with a number of insurance brokers and companies specialising in historic houses and estates, some of whom offer a discount to members. It offers general advice on the specialised aspects that apply especially to historic houses.

Regional : The Association has National Regions covering Scotland and Wales and eleven Regions covering the rest of the U.K. All members automatically become members of' their local Region and are invited to participate in the programmes of Regional activities and events.

Seminars : The Association organises seminars on subjects of interest to historic house owners including in recent years:
The Conversion of Listed Buildings
Planning Law: A guide to the Labyrinth
Conserving the Contents of an Historic House
Disaster Planning: How to prepare for and cope with a major catastrophe.

Study Tours : The Association arranges visits to explore practical aspects of historic house and garden management by in-depth studies of the operations at a regional group of houses.

The HHA has also produced a variety of publications.

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