German Association of Towns and Municipalities

The 'Deutscher Staedte - und Gemeindbund' (German Association of Towns and Municipalities ) is the central association representing the interests of Kreis-affiliated towns and municipalities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Its direct members are 17 associations in the federal Laender, that represent almost 15,500 Kreis-affiliated towns and municipalities of the total of ca. 16,000 local authorities within the federal territory. These 17 Land associations collectively represent about 43 million inhabitants.

The Association is a private-law association. It operates without government subsidy. Membership is voluntary.


The functions of the Deutscher Staedte- und Gemeindebund (German Association of Towns and Municipalities) include the following:

The organisation is especially active in the tourism sector. The department for economics organizes two so-called 'Arbeitseitskreise', or tourism-workshops for a limited number of members of the Association. The German Association also represents the Council of European Municipalities and Regions in the Consulting Committee of DG XXIII.

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