Friends of the Earth, Spain (Amigos de la Tierra)

Friends of the Earth International (FOEI) is an international organisation formed by 57 national Friends of the Earth groups worldwide. Within FOEI, various sub-regional coordinations exist. Amongst these are Friends of the Earth Europe, formed by the 27 European groups of FOEI, and FOE MEDNET formed by the 7 national FOE groups in the Mediterranean region. FOE SPAIN (Amigos de la Tierra) has been acting as coordinators and expert group on tourism and the environment within FOEI for the past 7 years. The people responsible are Neil Rock and Sandy Hemingway, both of FOE Spain (Amigos de la Tierra).

Within the FOE MEDNET campaign on Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean we have cooperated with many key players from the tourism industry, IGOs, NGOs and academic experts on tourism.

Our areas of interest within tourism and the environment are extremely broad. Some of our main areas of interest are:

Much of our work has been carried out in the Mediterranean region, covering visitor management, establishing guidelines and codes of conduct both for tourists and for managers in tourist destinations. We have also worked on education related to sustainable tourism and have co-operated with several business and tourism schools and universities. We are at present developing a sustainable tourism educational pack for tourism school trainers in the Mediterranean region. We have also been invited to speak in many international conferences on issues related to tourism and the environment.

Our publications include Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean and Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean.

We network with other Friends of the Earth International groups of which some 25 campaign on issues related to tourism and the environment. We also have close ties with IHEI and ATLAS and the environmental departments of various tour operators, particularly TUI and Thomson Holidays. In the past we have worked closely with the environmental department of WTO, with tourism experts in UNEP and with WTTERC.

If you would like any information, please contact Friends of the Earth Spain at the address below or visit their website.

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