Friends of Conservation (FOC)

Since 1982, Friends of Conservation (FOC) has been working hard to stop the threats facing the wildlife and habitats of East Africa.

Together with wildlife monitoring and an initial anti-harrasment programmes, FOC has also been concerned with conservation through education. We have had outstanding results by focusing on local communities, schools and tourists.

FOC is an international conservation organisation based in London, England and Oak Brook, Illinois, with field offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. FOC is structured to respond immediately so that wildlife experts can get assistance when they need it, rather than having to endure lengthy application processes. The speed with which FOC is able to help is invaluable in emergency situations and distinguishes us from other environmental organisations.

In Kenya, FOC has the following on-going projects:

In Tanzania in 1994, FOC agreed to support a 4 year ecological study of the Mkomazi Reserve, an extension of Tsavo National Park in Kenya. FOC is a corporate sponsor of the Mkomazi Project and has provided funding for a research centre which is located in the Reserve.

In 1995, FOC began a sponsorship programme for the Budongo Forest Reserve which contains a population of threatened chimpanzees. Other projects are under consideration to enhance tourist education and ranger traing in this Reserve.

Travel & Tourism Committee

In 1991 Friends of Conservation established the Travel and Tourism Committee (TTC) to address the increasing concern that tourism and conservation were not working together to preserve and control the delicate East African habitat, its precious wildlife and the significant growth in tourism.

The TTC consists of representatives from the travel industry and media who all have a specific interest in conservation whilst encouraging development of East and Southern Africa as a tourist attraction. Without the wonderful wildlife and scenery of the region, tourism would not enjoy the significant increase in visitors from all around the world. This in turn limits funding required to ensure continued security for the habitat.

The aims and objectives of the TTC are:

TTC members include:

Abercrombie and Kent

Lonrho Hotels (Kenya) Ltd


Siesta Holidays

British Airways

Somak Travel Ltd

BA Holidays

Southern Africa Travel

BGB & Associates

The Sunday Telegraph

Carrier Travel

Thomson Tour Operations Ltd

Explore Worldwide

Tropical Places

Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts Ltd

United Touring Company Ltd

Kuoni Travel Ltd

Worldwide Journeys & Expeditions

Support for a variety of field projects has been provided by the TTC. In 1991 the TTC designed and implemented the Code of Conduct, a set of common sense guidelines for visitors to East Africa. These guidelines have proved very successful with tourists and were reprinted in 1995 as the Conservation Code .

The TTC is committed to encouraging greater awareness and education in the tourist industry.

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