Forum per la Laguna di Venezia

Establishment of the "Forum per la Laguna"

The "Institute for the Lagoon of Venice" named "Forum per la Laguna" is established with legal seat in Venice, calle del Dose da Ponte, S. Marco 2746.

Its aims are the dissemination and the coordination of information concerning the Lagoon of Venice and the promotion of compatible activities in the Lagoon and in its territory.

The field of activity of the Institute is the whole watershed of the Lagoon and it can operate on the national territory.

The Executive Committee can decide to establish Offices and Representatives both in Italy and abroad.

Goals, objectives and activities

The aim of the Institute is to build a direct and effective link between citizens from all social ranks and those who make public decisions.

The Institute intends to promote public participation in national and local programs of intervention in the Lagoon and in its management.

Building awareness is one of the paths towards the achievement of necessary interventions for the conservation, the valorisation and the development of such a delicate and manifold territory.

The Institute, excluding any goal of profit, pursues the following aims :

In order to pursue such aims the Institute shall :

With the approval of the Assembly of the Founding Members - enough the favourable vote of at least three fourths of those entitled - the Institute can establish Companies for the development of specific aims which are among the Institute's own aims, that is to say, functional to them.

The Institute shall moreover work as a supporting structure for Associations, groups and Centres pursuing aims coinciding, even partly, with its own.

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