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The European coast has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. The explosive growth of towns, industry and tourism has harmed the coastal environment in many places. Nowhere in the world has the coastal zone been so badly affected as in Europe. Pressure on the coastal zone will increase.

The causes of this environmental degradation transgress all borders. Solutions must be sought in cooperation with all European countries. Experts from all over Europe have agreed to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the conservation management and sustainable development of the coastal zone. In January 1989 the European Union for Coastal Conservation, the largest European Coastal Network was established

EUCC membership now includes scientists, planners, politicians, managers, local and regional authorities government agencies and voluntary conservation organisations from 40 countries. Many of them actively participate in the EUCC network, in their National Branches, at congresses, workshops, seminars and on excursions.

Through the network international projects of member organisations and other institutes are stimulated and coordinated. The gap between research and decision-making is bridged by presenting managers and politicians with the results of international research and experience. Coastal authorities can profit from this international exchange and cooperation.

The process of degradation caused by seafront developments, water pollution and oil spills are an increasing threat. Not only to ecology, but also to coastal communities and tourism. Marine accidents are impacting the shores of many countries.

The EUCC is dedicated to:

The EUCC in Europe

In many European coastal areas nature and environment organisations are actively protecting the coastal environment. A great number of those are affiliated members of the EUCC. Close collaboration, especially at a European level, may achieve more. The EUCC is a founding member of the European Habitats Forum.

In Central and Eastern Europe, EUCC is acquiring an increasingly more important role, co-ordinating and projects in close collaboration with local and regional authorities, NGOs and local groups in the SE-Baltic.

Examples of the Projects by EUCC include:

The EUCC publishes a quarterly magazine, Coastline , that all members receive free and a Journal of Coastal Conservation to which members have a discount. A list of the books that the EUCC publishes regularly on European coastal management, planning and conservation, is available from the secretariat.

For further information on membership and publications, please contact the General Secretariat or click here to enter the EUCC website.

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