European Union Federation of Youth Hostel Associations (EUFED)

European Union Federation of Youth Hostel Associations represents most of the Youth Hostel Associations in the European Union. It was set up in 1987 in order to:

  1. promote and develop the interests of Youth Hostels and to increase understanding and support for them within the EC institutions;
  2. increase the level of co-operation between the Member Associations;
  3. encourage all opportunities of relations between the EC and the rest of the world with regard to Youth Hostels and youth tourism.

It specialises in:
Examples of some of its achievements are:

The EUFED network consists of:

AIG - Italy
An Oige - Ireland
PdJ - Portugal
CAJL - Luxembourg
DJH - Germany
FUAJ - France
÷JHR - Austria
LAJ - Belgium (Wallonia)
NJHC - The Netherlands
REAJ - Spain
SYHA - Scotland
VJHC - Belgium (Flanders)
YHA E&W - England & Wales
SJH - Switzerland (Associate Member)

EUFED is a member of the European Tourism Action Group (ETAG), the European Youth Forum, ECOTRANS and an associate member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

  1. Environmental Handbook, DJH, Mr Bernd Dohn/Mr Bernd Lampe, DJH, Bismarckstrasse 8, D - 32756 Detmold, tel.: + 49 5231 740152.
  2. Report of EUFED Green Seminar (held 8-10 October 1996).

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