European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism

Lodging and Camping at over 1000 Organic Farms all over Europe

What is ECEAT?

ECEAT, the European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism, was established as a non-profit organisation in 1993. We were the first to develop small-scale tourism in unique and unspoiled rural areas in Eastern-Europe, in close cooperation with farmers and villagers. Concern about the environment and the hardships small, organic or traditional farmers face in making ends meet, lies at the root of our work. Through ECEAT, thousands of tourists not only enjoyed a pleasant and interesting holiday but also made it possible for their hosts to generate an additional income. The results of our work are used to convince policy makers, tourists, travel specialists and residents that green alternatives greatly contribute to nature conservation as well as to the balanced development of rural areas.

We strongly believe that a future in tourism can be guaranteed if all parties concerned join in working out a feasible and practical green tourism programme.

What can ECEAT do for holiday makers and tourism professionals?

ECEAT has built a network of more than 1000 addresses all over Europe, as well as in a number of far away countries. Many are small-scale farmers with lodging or camping facilities, but in our offer are also village inns, cottages, apartments etc. All of them are situated in areas of unspoiled natural beauty. They are listed in 18 country guides, which can be ordered from our Customers' Desk. Presently we offer accommodation in (among other countries): Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Israel, Senegal, Tanzania, Croatia, Costa Rica and Benin.

The addresses in our network are at the disposal of travel specialists who want to broaden their offer. We can also be of service to you in working out tailor-made organised tours (e.g. walking-tours, cycle tours, guided nature tours). Because of our extensive contacts with national, regional and local organizations in many countries, we are also well equipped to help you find partners for cooperation on the spot.

Who are the people behind ECEAT?

The staff consists of people with varied expertise, such as in environmental and rural development, nature conservation, marketing and tourism. The international office is located in Amsterdam and works in close cooperation with a wide range of NGOs and national or local authorities. In every country in which we are active, we are represented by a National Coordinator.

What else does ECEAT do?

If you wish to receive more information, please contact ECEAT at the address given below or click here to enter the website.

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