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Europa Nostra is a pan-European organisation, whose network of members comprises of over 200 non-governmental organisations in the field of conservation, supported by a further 100 local authorities and over 700 individual members throughout Europe. It enjoys consultative status with the Council of Europe and maintains close contact with the European Union.

Its aims are :

  1. the protection and enhancement of the architectural and natural heritage;
  2. the encouragement of high standards of architecture in town and country planning throughout Europe, and
  3. the improvement of the environment in general.

What Does It Do?

Europa Nostra seeks to influence public opinion and the actions of international, national and local authorities. It does this through conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, publications, study tours and experts studies.

Europa Nostra issues a variety of publications: an annual report, a twice-yearly magazine and a twice-yearly Newsletter, and an IBI Bulletin.

Recognising Merit
Europa Nostra runs 3 Award Schemes, which attract substantial media attention: The Europa Nostra Award Scheme gives about forty awards annually for projects which make a distinguished contribution to the conservation and enhancement of Europe's architectural and natural heritage. The American Express Foundation have sponsored this activity since 1986. In 1993 a travelling exhibition on the first 15 years of the Europa Nostra Award Scheme was created. It has already been shown widely and will continue to travel to focus attention on the best projects.

Up to three Medals of Honour are granted each year to persons who have undertaken sustained and exemplary work in favour of the protection and / or enhancement of the European architectural or natural heritage.

The Europa Nostra Restoration Fund, which is sponsored by Christies' International, makes one donation each year in favour of an endangered object (ancient fortified works and buildings, castles, historic houses or their ruins, and associated parks and gardens).

Campaigning Against Threats
Declarations are made in the name of the General Assembly, and are usually addressed to a wider audience, with regard to subjects which are of general concern e.g. declarations were adopted on the protection of the European Coastline, the conservation of historic towns; and on the involvement of young people in heritage protection.

Resolutions are usually relevant to a particular site and are addressed to a specific audience, usually a responsible authority. In some instances, where the subject which causes concern follows a previous intervention, or for reasons of timing which require a response in between meeting them, we submit a strongly worded letter from the Executive President on behalf of the whole membership.

Since 1983 more than 70 Declarations, Resolutions and Executive Presidential letters have been issued, many in collaboration with other organisations. So far Europa Nostra has been effective in blocking or in improving otherwise undesirable development in 30 % of the cases.

Study Tours
The Study Tours are a service to Individual and Life Members who like to travel together. They give the opportunity to meet members of local conservation organisation with whose help it is possible to visit interesting sites which may not normally be open to the public. In recent years Study Tours have gone to South Africa, Denmark, Galicia (Spain), Cumbria (UK), Wales, USA, Sweden and many other interesting destinations.

Europa Nostra is financed by subscriptions from its members, donations from commercial and non-commercial organisations and individuals, and by grants & material support from the Commission of the European Union, the Council or Europe and other international organisations.

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