Estonian Ecotourism Association (ESTECAS)

ESTECAS is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, that connects individuals, organisations and authorities for tourism development that contributes to the local communities and conserves the natural and cultural heritage of Estonia.

ESTECAS was established in September 1996 as a result of the various activities and undertakings of Kodukant Ecotourism Initiative - the multidimensional project of Rural Development Programme KODUKANT.

The Kodukant Ecotourism Initiative was set up in September 1994. The intent of this project has been to visualise the opportunities tourism could offer people living in or near attractive areas, so that they would become allies of sustainable development in their regions, rather than being subjected to excessive uncontrolled tourism developments. Also to inform the Estonian Ecotourism life-support system, made up of various authorities, NGOs and the private sector, about the Ecotourism guidelines that could provide a framework for utilising the natural and cultural resources in a sustainable way.

ESTECAS was established in order to formalise the network created by the project, to facilitate cross sectorial co-operation and to help formulate the conditions for the utilisation of natural and cultural heritage in tour production in Estonia.

The experiences of Estonia are unique and interesting compared to other Eastern European countries with similar background, socio-economic characteristics and natural and cultural resources.

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Aivar Ruukel
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