The Network of Partners for the Development of Sustainable Tourism in Europe

The Organisation

ECOTRANS e.V. is a European network of experts and organisations in tourism, environment and regional development, who are seeking to promote good practice in the field of sustainable tourism .

The ECOTRANS concept was established in 1988 at the International Conference Tourism and Environment in Europe in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy. The non-profit organisation ECOTRANS e.V. was founded in 1993 at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin. The name ECOTRANS embodies two basic principles:


Members of ECOTRANS are representing non governmental organisations (NGOs) and consultancies from 8 countries at present: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. The members:

ECOTRANS members are committed to establishing and promoting clear principles for sustainable tourism development in Europe.


ECOTRANS offers partners, clients and sponsors of European projects:

Through many years of international collaboration, members of ECOTRANS, between themselves, have been piecing together a picture of sustainable tourism in Europe. We offer our partners a valuable basis for the development of high-quality tourism, with special regard to the quality of life and the environment, and competitive advantages in international competition. In the coming years our network of experts will be strengthened and shaped by the addition of further members.


ECOLETTER - Tourism and Environment Information in Practice
Numerous topical issues and initiatives in environmentally-friendly tourism can be found in the following back issues of this newsletter, which was published in German:


Economy and Environment, 16 pages (1994)

out of print


Ecolabels, 16 pages (1994)

out of print


Transport, 16 pages (1994)

out of print


Sport, 16 pages (1994)

5,--DM plus p&p


Europe, 16 pages (1995)

out of print


Health & Bathing Resorts, 32 pages (1995)

10, -DM plus p&p


Sustainable Tourism, 16 pages (1995)

5,--DM plus p&p


Tour Operators, 16 pages (1996)

5,--DM plus p&p

The Book of Seals & Ecolabels (Das Buch der sieben Siegel), Environmental Awards in Tourism, An International Overview of Current Developments, Herbert Hamele, ECOTRANS e.V., with the support of the Federal ministry for the Environment, 2nd revised edition (German & English), 36 pages, Munich, 1996

Soft Mobility in Tourism Resorts and Regions, ECOTRANS Report '97 (German), 80 pages, ECOTRANS e.V., Munich, 1997 (14.-DM plus p&p)

Sustainable Tourism - The Key to Success (German), including English summary, Tagungsbericht ECOTRANS FORUM ITB '97, supported by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt), 48 pages, Saarbrücken, 1997 (10.-DM plus p&p)


List of Members of ECOTRANS

Individual Members

Wilhelm Brauer

Agentur Brauer, München (D)

Dr. Richard Denman

The Tourism Company, Ledbury (U.K.)

Herbert Hamele


Norbert Heukemes

Naturpark Hohes Venn-Eifel, Robertville (B)

Dr. Stephan Ortner

Europäische Akademie, Bolzano (I)

Manfred Pils

NFI, Naturfreunde Internationale, Wien (A)

Gunilla Persson- Pucher

Pucher Development, Knäred (S)

Karl Reiner

ÖAR-Regionalberatung, Wien (A)

Dieter Popp

CIPRA, Commission Internationale pour la Protection des Alpes,Sektion Deutschland, München (D)

Lothar Wilhelm

Projekt Sanfter Tourismus im Saarland, Völklingen (D)

Thomas Wilken

Sport mit Einsicht, Hamburg (D)

Corporate Members

Angeles de Andres

FICN, Madrid (E)

Dr.Thomas Bausch

AFI, Alpenforschungsinstitut, Garmisch- Partenkirchen (D)

Dr. Lorenzo Canova

ACTA, Milano (I)

Marion Hammerl- Cavanna

FPNE, Fondo Patrimonio Natural Europeo, Madrid (E)

Lisa Davies

AIT/FIA, Alliance Internationale de Tourisme/
Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile AIT/FIA, Bruxelles (B)

Truus Huisman

EUFED, European Union Federation of Youth Hostel Association, Brussels (B)

Jürgen Resch

EURONATUR Stiftung Europäisches Naturerbe, Radolfzell (D)

Bouwe Taverne

SME, Institute for Environmental Communication, Utrecht (NL)

Peter Zimmer

FUTOUR Umwelt- und Tourismusberatung, München (D)

Executive Committee

This information is also available in German.

Information Source

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Herbert Hamele
President, ECOTRANS e.V.
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