Ecotourism Association of Australia

The Ecotourism Association of Australia is an incorporated non-profit organisation which was formed following Australia's first ecotourism conference in Brisbane in 1991. The national membership has grown rapidly and includes ecotourism operators and wholesalers, non-government organisations, government agencies who manage tourism in protected areas, academics and others interested in ecotourism.

The Association's Aim

The Ecotourism Association of Australia aims to promote ecotourism, develop ethics and standards for ecotourism, promote understanding, appreciation and conservation of the natural and cultural environments visited, and facilitate interaction between the tourist, host communities, the tourism industry, government and conservation groups.

Goals of the Association

The Ecotourism Association of Australia seeks to ensure that:

Services Provided by the Association

National Ecotourism Accreditation Program

Code of Practice for Ecotourism Operators

For further information contact the Ecotourism Association of Australia at the address given below or click here to visit their website. Please note that the address given below is a postal address, and that to visit the Association in person, the address is Level 7, 97 Creek Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000.

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