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EcoPassages Inc. was founded to provide individuals and small groups with unique and participatory travel experiences that are educational, enriching and enjoyable. Programmes focus on three primary areas:

Although each trip will have a primary focus area, the trained staff will also address the rich and complex inter-relationships between all scientific disciplines and aspects of the environment.

As part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment, a portion of EcoPassages profits is invested in conservation and educational programmes. Programmes in 1997 took place in the Dominican Republic.

EcoPassages selects exceptional scientists and educators to develop programmes according to their primary specialities. Each ecotour is lead by a scientific expert who will guide the tourist through the complex ecological environment he/she is visiting. The ecotour will also provide a forum to explore the status of current environmental conditions in relationship to larger social, economic and development factors impacting the health and future of the local and global environments.

EcoPassages chooses small quality hotels to enable contact with the local environment. If you want to know more about EcoPassages Programme, please contact them or explore their website.

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