Promoted by the Mayor of Rome with the contribution of Rome's municipal environment companies A.C.E.A and A.MA., Ecomed, the agency for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean, is meant to act as a reference point in promoting co-operation amongst Mediterranean cities and innovative environmental policies and technology

In particular, Eco med encourages:

A) Co-operation between the City of Rome and the Mediterranean urban centres in the environmental field

In this respect, most significant are:

B) Scientific, technological and cultural cooperation in the public and private area

In this respect, most important are:

- the task entrusted by Rome City Council's Department of Trade to draw up color=#000080 a plan for the recovery of the Rome-based 8,000 craft industries which have been struck by a closing order due mainly to environmental defaults
- the task entrusted by Rome City Council to promote and coordinate a continuos exchange of ideas between environmental associations on the issues of urban transformation and development
- the organisation of the Seminarcolor=#ff0000 'Cleaner Technology as an economic Development Factor of Small and Medium Enterprises at the urban level' (31 March 1995) jointly with DGXII of the European Commission
- the organisation of the 'First High Level Advisory Seminar on Cleaner Production in the Mediterranean' under the aegis of UNEP/IE (17 May 1996)
- the instruction of an exclusive agreement on "energy transmission" in the Mediterranean with ABB-Adda
- the study on the environmental impact of COM.P.A.SS. power transmission substations
- the organisation of the workshop 'Environmental Impact Assessment of the Energy transmission substations' within the framework of the World Business Forum at the UN Habitat II Conference
- the promotion of the centre of International Development "FORMIN" (September 1997), with the collaboration of non governmental roman associations and organisms

- the participation in the 'Networking for Regional Innovation Processes towards Agenda XXI', with the collaboration of the Economic and Social Research Institutes (IRES), co-financed by the European Community within the ADAPT II Program during the biennium 1997/1999

C ) The dissemination of the innovative activities of Rome's municipal environment companies A.C.E.A. and A.M.A. at national and international level

In this respect, may we draw your attention on:

D) The drawing up of studies and reports

More specifically:

E) The organisation of great events in Rome closely connected with environmental issues and cooperation between cities

In this respect, may we draw your attention on:

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