Ecolink Copenhagen

The Concept

A unique gathering of environmentally conscious plants, works, installations and administrative experiences is represented near the Danish Capital, Copenhagen. Ecolink Copenhagen has now been formed to emphasise the region's position as Europe's Environmental Capital.

By promoting Greater Copenhagen's many environmental attractions, Ecolink Copenhagen hopes to increase international awareness of Danish environmental solutions. Ecolink Copenhagen co-operates with private export companies and public institutions, and participates in international seminars and exhibitions.

Ecolink Copenhagen arranges professional visits for foreign delegations to the region's various environmental attractions. Guests from all over the world will have the chance to experience for themselves how Denmark so effectively combines modern technology with environmental policies that are both extensive and goal-oriented. The positive results this combination has brough to the region are numerous, and the opportunity to witness them at first hand should not be missed.

The Ecolink Database

Ecolink Copenhagen has developed a comprehensive easy-to-use computer based presentation introducing almost 200 environmental attractions, knowledge centres, public bodies, educational institutions, and public interest groups located in the Greater Copenhagen area. The database presents the region's environmental attractions in an up-to-date, easy-to-use format. Each attraction is described in full detail according to the technical solutions and the region's environmental challenges.

The presentation program will be distributed to Danish embassies, business delegations and export organisations. Anyone interested in Denmark is welcome to consult Ecolink Copenhagen's database of environmental technology and expertise.

Partnership Towards Sustainability

Being environmentally conscious has become synonymous with being Danish. A pioneer within environmental legislation and protection. Denmark is today not only a world leader when it comes to sustainable management of the environment, but also one of Europe's most competitive nations.

Copenhagen's five local authorities have for decades been partners in developing Greater Copenhagen's economy in accordance with Denmark's comprehensive environmental policy. By creating Ecolink Copenhagen, the five local authorities have proven that strong partnerships can make sustainable development a reality.

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