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The German Travel Agents' Association (DRV) established its environmental Committee in 1987. The biggest and most important German tour operators are members of this committee. DRV has published brochures directed at various target groups starting with information material particularly for the customers. Later on environmental tips for travel agents, tour operators and hotels were set up. The newest brochures are tailored to the needs of the target destinations of German tourists. They focus on the idea that all relevant groups which are involved in the planning and further development of tourist areas should be included in the discussions. These brochures were set up in cooperation with the German environmental ministry.

List of brochures:

DRV Environment Recommendations for Tourist Destination Areas: Long-Haul
Vacations (available in English, German)

DRV Environment Recommendations for Tourist Destination Areas: Mediterranean
Countries (available in English, German)

DRV-Umweltempfehlungen für touristische Zielgebiete: Bergregionen (available in

Umweltfreundliche Herstellung und Entsorgung von Katalogen und sonstigen
Printmedien in der Touristikbranch (available in German)

DRV-Recommendations for Hotels and other Tourist Accommodation (available in
English, German French, Spanish)

DRV-Umweltempfehlungen für Reiseveranstalter (available in German)

Ökologisch Reisen - In Nord- und Zentraleuropa die Natur entlasten (available in

Ökologisch Reisen In südlichen Ländern - die Natur entlasten (available in

Ökologisch Reisen - Auf Fernreisen - die Natur entlasten (available in German)
International Environment Award (available in English, German).

Der DRV-Ausschuß Umwelt und Kultur

The contents are also used for speeches in target countries where DRV seeks a close cooperation with the relevant people. Meetings between the foreign environmental ministries and a DRV delegation are organised. In 1996 the first DRV Environment Day was carried out during ITB in Berlin.

Every year DRV grants the DRV International Environment Award. DRV can be contacted at the following address

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