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An African Dream?

In 1990 South African entrepreneurs Alan Bernstein and David Varty came together to achieve a shared dream - to harness international investment capital for the development of Africa's wildlife areas. Their aim was to consolidate wildlife land and enhance its valour through wildlife tourism thereby promoting bio-diversity and bringing economic benefit to remote parts of the continent.

In late 1990 Conservation Corporation was born, galvanised by a project in Zululand, which would realise a conservation dream, whilst creating a unique opportunity in the eco-tourism industry. This first remarkable project was named Phinda- "the return".

In the years since then, Conservation Corporation has evolved into Africa's leading eco-tourism enterprise, and its three-tiered development model - focusing on wildlife, land local communities - has inspired travellers from around the globe. In the process, vast tracts of land have been reclaimed for wildlife and countless discerning travellers have been reconnected to the natural world.

Today Conservation Corporation Africa operates lodges throughout the wildlife high spots of Africa - from East Africa's vast grasslands to the ageless Ngorongoro Crater, from a tropical island paradise to the thundering Victoria Falls, from the raw South African bushveld and vast Kalahari Desert to Zululand's wetland wilderness.

Those in the know agree that no discerning African safari is complete without encompassing Conservation Corporation Africa's wildlife lodges. And thousands of travellers each year choose to experience this African dream?

An Ethic of Care

We offer you an Africa of vast, wild spaces and unparalleled luxury, embraced by a commitment to care - of land, wildlife and people - for which we have received world-wide acclaim. Indeed, Conservation Corporation Africa has become synonymous with the most breathtaking locations, exclusive lodges, personalised service, interpretative wildlife experiences and fine cuisine on this great, diverse continent.

Our guest experience revolves around the ancient drama of Africa's great wildlife spectacle - a theatre to which people are drawn again. It begins in our intimate lodges, located mainly in private game reserves across the continent, each blending evocative architecture with innovative cuisine and individual service. We welcome each guest as a friend, and hope to offer the traveller a rich experience which leaves the enlightened uplifted and even spiritually renewed.

From our lodges, our guests embark on game drives and guided walks, probing the wilderness on and off road, by day and after dark, when the nocturnal predators are most active. They are guided by rangers and trackers who are rigorously selected and trained, for it is their interpretation which unlocks the mysteries of the wild, introducing guests to a new philosophy based on harmony with the forces of nature.

It is out aim to develop Africa's natural resources sustainably through low-density, high-quality tourism. Our wilderness is finite; and we need to balance the needs of man against the need to preserve the wilderness of our parks. This is why we subscribe to an integrated ethic of care - whether it be the guests whom we host, the communities who live alongside our parks or the stakeholders who support our dream.

Through this commitment to care at every one of our properties, we are helping to regenerate impoverished parts of Africa - restoring wildlife land, promoting bio-diversity and building rural economies. Each one of our guests represents a link in the chain of evidence that wildlife tourism is the most viable economic option in many remote parts of Africa - and helps to ensure that this continent's wild places remain in prosperity for future generations.

We invite you to embrace our dream of a proud and vibrant Africa.

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