Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile

The CTS (Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile) is one of the leading italian youth tourist associations. It was founded in 1974 as a non profit association and has grown to 200,000 members - 100 offices in Italy and 3 outlet abroad. In 1992 it was acknowledged by the Ministry of Environment as an Environmental Association. The acknowledgement was due to CTS's commitment for the conservation and study of the environment, carried out mostly through its environment department.

The environment department of CTS (CTS per l'Ambiente) was established in 1989. It aims at promoting nature conservation by:

Education and Popularization

Educational activities to promote a respectful attitude and stimulate the interest towards the environment are carried out in a number of italian protected areas from October to June. They are dedicated to students of primary and middle school. Besides usual teaching methods, environment related activities in the field are undertaken.

Besides, popular classes of marine biology, zoology, birdwatching, nature photography, scuba diving for everyone are given in several CTS offices all over Italy. All the classes include activities in the field.

Research Projects

CTS has supported environmental research projects in the field since 1989. The projects are funded mainly through the method of 'participant funding'. Everyone willing to be involved in the protection and study of endangered species and habitats is allowed to take part in research activities on payment of a contribution to support the projects. Participant role is that of a non-specialist but motivated field assistant. Volunteers' practical and financial support is of vital importance to help scientists carry out their work. On the other hand, researchers discuss with participants the project's aims, methods and results.

Most of our current projects take place in Italy and the Mediterranean area (Greek Ionian Islands) and are related to the survey of :

Two non-European projects are related to :


The promotion of sustainable tourism is one of the main objectives of CTS. It is pursued through :


Information and educational material, produced by CTS over the years to support its educational activity in the environmental field include :

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