Centre for Tourism Research & Development - India

The Centre for Tourism Research & Development was set up under the auspices of the Indian Society for Tourism Research & Development in 1976, with its headquarters in Lucknow, India, and the following specific objectives

  1. to concentrate on problem oriented and solution finding field research in tourism, with particular focus on development of tourism in critical environments;
  2. to publish technical reports on projects, books and journals;
  3. to provide consultancy to national and international tourism organisations and to assist universities and institutes engaged in tourism education and training manpower for the industry.

The Centre also encourages exchange of scholars from home and abroad.

With Professor Tej Vir Singh as its founder and Director, the Centre has produced the following project reports:

Tourism Recreation Research (TRR) is the Centre's research journal, published twice a year since 1976. It enjoys the academic support and expertise of 35 well known tourism scholars throughout the world. Some of the main issues are: Appropriate Tourism in the Third World; Tourism in the Mountains; Coastal Tourism; Sustainable Development; Urban and Heritage Tourism; Tourism Education; Ecotourism and the East/South-east Asia; Sport Tourism; Senior Tourism; Tourism & Technology; Tourism Culture & Heritage; Tourism in the most fragile environments; Tourism 2000 and beyond (forthcoming).

The CTRD has published over a dozen international books on various aspects of tourism, such as 'Integrated Mountain Development' (T.V.Singh), 'Tourism Wildlife and Conservation' (T.V.Singh & J.Kaur), ' Tourism Environment: Nature, Culture, Economy' (Singh, Smith, Fish & Richter), 'Profiles in Indian Tourism' (Shalini Singh), ' Tourism in the Critical Environment ' (T.V.Singh & S.Singh).

The Centre's Director, Dr.T.V.Singh has been an elected member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism since 1991 and a consultant for UNEP and GREEN GLOBE; also Chair - India Chapter, Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA), Pusan, Korea.

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