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Tourism in Cambridge affects many aspects of life for local people so policies are needed to manage its development and its impact on life in the city. There are good arguments on both sides about the benefits and problems of tourism for the city, but the fact remains that 3.25 million people visited Cambridge in 1997 and they simply cannot be ignored. Projected numbers for 2001 are 4.2 million visitors. The main aim of the Cambridge Tourism Strategy is to manage, not promote, tourism.

Objectives and Strategy

The Cambridge Tourism Strategy is a set of policies which aims to provide clear advice for decisions made by the City Council on tourism issues. It has been developed by the City Council in consultation with the residents of Cambridge, together with people who work in the tourism industry in and around Cambridge and representatives of the Colleges and the University. The Strategy has four objectives:

The Strategy fits in with other strategic plans at European, national, regional and local levels. Cambridge's strategic approach to tourism is based on six elements.


The twenty-four policies in the Tourism Strategy are grouped into four broad areas of interest: Marketing, Development and Infrastructure, Management and Implementation.

TS1 To encourage staying visitors by adopting a focused policy for clearly defined customer markets.
TS2 To emphasise the inherent attraction of Cambridge and improve the marketing of tourism services to residents and visitors.
TS3 To market the City selectively as a place to stay all year through a range of measures.

Information and the Tourism Service
TS4 To improve the range and standard of information available.

Development and Infrastructure
TS5 To encourage an adequate supply and range of accommodation to meet the needs of the local tourism industry.
TS6 To ensure that the accommodation provided is of a high standard meeting the expectations of users.

Attractions and Facilities
TS7 To ensure that Cambridge can offer a good quality visitor experience with excellence in the range of attractions and facilities.
TS8 To ensure that attractions and facilities are accessible to all.

TS9 To ensure that Cambridge can offer a good quality visitor experience with excellence in the standard of amenities and services.
TS10 To ensure that Cambridge can offer a good quality visitor experience by promoting safety.

TS11 To ensure that Cambridge can maximise the sustainable employment generation opportunities for all provided by a managed tourism industry.
TS12 To encourage quality in employment in the tourism industry.

TS13 To manage tourism so as to minimise the pressures of visitors and improve awareness of tourism issues.

Traffic and Transport
TS14 To minimise the environmental pressures and congestion in the city and discourage visitor traffic from central areas.
TS15 To improve the standards of parking services in the city
TS16 To improve the management of coach based tourism in the city.

TS17 To encourage the dispersal of visitors to the surrounding area and other parts of East Anglia.
TS18 To emphasise the full range of inherent attractions of Cambridge and minimise environmental pressures and congestion.

TS19 To ensure a good quality visitor experience of the colleges whilst minimising the pressures and congestion

Language Schools
TS2O To maximise the benefits and minimise the problems flowing from foreign language students in Cambridge

TS21 To ensure that the implementation of the tourism strategy is achieved through the development of effective partnerships between all of the parties involved.

Research and information
TS22 To ensure that policies and actions are based on a proper understanding of the industry and that success in the implementation of policies can be assessed.

Financial Implications and Raising Revenue
TS23 To ensure that adequate finance is available to implement the proposals in this strategy.
TS24 To encourage both the benefits of tourism to remain in the local economy, and continuing investment in the environment that visitors can enjoy; and to seek where possible for the costs of tourism to be borne by the industry/tourist.

The Strategy is for implementation over 5 years up to the year 2000-2001. It is essential that implementation of the policies is having the desired effect. For further details contact the address below or click here to enter the website.

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