BTE-Tourismusmanagement und Regionalentwicklung :
BTE-Tourism Management and Regional Development

Tourism and regional development are cross-sectional tasks. In order to achieve a successful tourism development, the relations to regional area development, agriculture and forestry, nature protection, urban design or transport planning are just as important as specific questions such as marketing, visitor service and information, or the quality of accommodation or menu.

A future-orientated, sustainable development strategy of tourism suppliers as for example tourist enterprises, cities, municipalities, regional planning associations or counties should take all these cross-sectional relations into account. In view of limited natural resources and growing tourist demand for a high quality of the natural environment in tourist areas, an ecologically sound orientation of tourism development is gaining importance.

In many cases, environmental and scenic qualities have even become key factors in the tourism market. Therefore, these natural resources should be marketed appropriately, but, at the same time, they have to be used in an "intelligent", sustainable way which allows adequate use in the future. From this point of view, ecological and economic goals are no longer understood as antagonistic, but as partners with a considerable potential for creative solutions.

The work profile of the BTE-Tourism Management and Regional Development covers a wide range of assignments in the fields of tourism, leisure and recreation. Most projects include a variety of topics, such as economic effects of tourism, landscape planning, agriculture, forest management and transportation planning.

Depending on the project, these are covered either directly by the BTE staff or in close co-operation with other experts which enables the bureau to work on and co-ordinate multidisciplinary projects. In any case the close contacts to various co-operation-partners make it possible to engage a single contractor with experience in the management of planning and in the successful moderation of processes. BTE works close to realisation in co-operation with the local institutions and actors, which are important for the success of a project.

The BTE focuses its work on the following types of projects:

In addition to this, BTE works on landscape-planning:

The bureau has its residence in Berlin and Hannover and employs 4 managing directors, 6 engineers, students, and volunteers.

BTE is experienced in tourism planning and regional development (about 100 projects since the foundation of the bureau in 1989, and before that co-operation with a research team at the University of Hannover for 15 years).

Beyond this, the experiences and qualifications of the bureau are based on many years of collaboration and membership of the managing directors in

as well as the participation in several national and international touristic conferences as speakers, e.g.:

Contact details for BTE are as follows. The Hannover address is:

Stifstr. 12,
D-30159 Hannover
Tel: + 49 511 70132
Fax: + 49 511 70132
Email: [email protected]

The Berlin address is listed below.

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