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The little island of Barbados possesses not only great natural beauty, but a wealth of architectural styles - from charming chattel houses to solid parish churches, from stately plantation houses to old army barracks and much more - over 550 years of architectural treasures.

The Barbados National Trust was founded in 1961 to preserve the unique heritage of our island home, be it historic buildings, places of natural beauty or the island's flora and fauna. The Trust works to ensure that the public has access to as many of them as possible, and it actively promotes restoration and preservation. It also places plaques, with the permission of the owners, on buildings of historic and architectural interest. The Trust administers 8 properties, photographs of which are shown in our brochure, available on request from the Barbados National Trust Office.

Ronald Tree House
10 Avenue, Belleville, St. Michael
The first Headquarters of the Barbados National Trust commemorates its founder, Ronald Tree. It was built in 1893 and purchased by the Trust in 1983. It is a typical example of a Victorian Barbadian house, in historic Belleville, the first planned suburb in the country.
In 35 years, the Trust has:

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