Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland, APRS - Scotland, UK

The Association has as its objectives "to stimulate and guide public opinion for the protection of rural scenery and the amenities of country districts and towns and villages in Scotland from unnecessary disfigurement or injury, and for the promotion or safeguarding of the welfare of the countryside and to take action to further these objects."

The Association has a particular interest in tourism and the environment with regards to the impact of tourism activities in rural areas. In the past years, it has organised various events on such topics, such as the 1995 conference on "Tourism and Recreation - a Sustainable Approach for Rural Areas".

It organises an Annual Award for examples of best practice in the design and siting of buildings/structures in the countryside or the renovation of older structures/buildings.

In 1996 the Association undertook the restoration of Uchdachan Bridge on the Corrieyairack Pass, which is much used by walkers.

The APRS has close links to other organisations such as the National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Wildlife and Countryside Link, Highland and Island Enterprise, etc.

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