Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club - ADFC (German Cycling Club)

The ADFC is a non profitmaking organization and its aim is to improve cycling facilities in Germany. We are offering services to our 100,000 members (maps and information for cycletourism). We also work as a consultancy for communities, travel agencies and tourism companies who are involved with cycletourism.

Cycletourism fits Agenda 21 and is of growing importance. In Germany, e.g. 20% of all Germans have planned their cycling holidays up until the year 2000. The Netherlands have around 500,000 tourists who cycle each year. In Austria 26% of all tourists use bicylces as a means of local transport and leisure activity. Infrastructure and marketing for cycletourism is of great regional importance. Investments for cycletourism are relatively low with high economic effects.

Some of the guides and projects we are involved in are as follows :

Handreichung zur Förderung des Fahrradtourismus

Rad & Bett

For any further information about ADFC, to obtain copies of their publications and information about their projects, contact ADFC at the address given below.

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