ACTA, Associazione Cultura Turismo Ambiente

This organisation is a multidisciplinary group of professional (architects, sociologists, biologists, physicians, marketing experts, economists, etc.) active in the world of international tourism, travel and hospitality.

Its principal goal is to promote a sustainable environmental tourism, through dissemination of information, as well as research, formation and consultation. In order to absolve its mission, ACTA often collaborates with DGXI and DGXXIII, of the European Commission, with Universities and with world wide entrepreneurs. ACTA also forms part of an international network of experts in the field of environmental tourism, called ECOTRANS.

Examples of publications and of projects: "Ecology in the hotel" (1993), "How to promote Soft Tourism" (1994), Eco-audit applied in the Hotel Duca di Milano (1995), Mantova ticket tour project (1996-7).

ACTA has also published Turismo e Sviluppo Sostenibile - Progettare il Cambiamento and 'A strategy for the promotion of solar energy in the Mediterranean'. For more information contact ACTA at the address given below.

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