Environmental Legislation


Welcome to the ECoNETT Environmental Legislation section. This new section aims to provide access to a range of information regarding the main issues and principles pertaining to environmental legislation within Europe.

The site is split into 3 main sections covering:

  1. EU Environmental Legislation Links - the main EU websites containing relevant material to give you quicker access to the information that you are seeking.
  2. National Ministries of the Environment - links to the websites of the member countries to help you track down further information.
  3. Environmental Legislation Websites - links to other sites with significant content.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, with a specific or general enquiry, this section will make it easier for you to find the answers that you need.

If you know of other sites with significant environmental legislation content, please click below and enter details about the site. The ECoNETT Project Team will then review the site and include it in this section.

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This section of the ECoNETT Database aims to provide an overview of EU environmental legislation and links to third party websites with more detailed information and references. As legislation is changing constantly, media that highlight it need to be regularly updated as well. Therefore, ECoNETT cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy that may occur in any of the links that are listed in this section.