ECoNETT: Measures and Initiatives


ECoNETT Guide to Conferences and Events

September 1999
13-14 Tourism Outlook Conference, Gold Coast, Australia
14-16 International Conference on Transport, Environment & the Information Revolution, Bath, United Kingdom
21-23 Geography of British Tourism Symposium, Exeter, UK
19-22 World Congress on Adventure Travel and Ecotourism, Tucson, USA
28 - 3/10 International Conference on Anthropology, Chinese Society and Tourism, Lijiang, Yunnan, People's Republic of China

October 1999
14-17 Ecotourism Association of Australia National Conference, Fraser Island, Australia
17-21 Building Bridges of Peace and Prosperity through Sustainable Tourism, Glasgow, Scotland
17-23 World Ecotourism Conference and Field Seminars, Sabah, Malaysia
19-23 Sustaining Rural Environments: Issues in Globalization, Migration and Tourism, Flagstaff, USA
22-24 Developing Eco-friendly Business Habits within the Context of Sound Commercial Practice - An International Seminar for the Hospitality Industry, The Retreat, Mumbai
28 Changing Tastes, Changing Places, London, UK

November 1999
3-5 International Conference on Sustainable Management of Coastal Ecosystems, Portugal
10-12 Tourism and the City: The Challenge of Sustainability, Madrid, Spain
14-17 Sustainability: Ways of Knowing/Ways of Acting, North Carolina, USA
19-21 Nordic Symposium in Hospitality and Tourism Research, Alta, Finnmark, Norway
29 - 2/12 Congress on Recreation and Resource Capacity, Aspen, Colorado, USA

February 2000
16-19 People, Products, Places, Tempe, Arizona, USA

If you know of other conferences and events that ECoNETT can feature in this list, please contact us with all the details of the event.