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Notes / Help / Disclaimer
Amendments & Corrections Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible with reference to the GG21 Membership List if any of your company details are incorrect.

Contact Details Details found under the column entitled 'Contact' have been obtained through submitted details but mostly by search programs. Currently, companies which have a Website URL displayed will usually have an empty cell. Offline details (such as Telephone / Facsimile numbers) will be added over the month of January 2000.

Website URL Companies who own the domain name (eg. Accor @ are currently the only ones listed with a web URL. The reason for this is that some companies may be hosted by temporary servers (For example: and are thus unstable and likely to change. The exception to this rule are hotels belonging to a group, for example, Inter-Continental Hotels who have their web URL displayed as but have links directed to the specific hotel.

Details Due to relaunch April 2001, this column currently holds the activities of the company recorded by Green Globe. Through the revamp, each company will have a dedicated page with full company details (ie. Location, Online Booking, Contact, etc.) as well as any extra information relating to Green Globe.

Disclaimer Although we verify our website links to companies on a regular basis, Green Globe cannot take responsibility for the content of websites outside the Green Globe domain ( AND/OR

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