Youth Hostel Association (England & Wales)

YHA (England & Wales) has 270,000 members (23% aged under 18). It is a charity that operates 240 Youth Hostels across England and Wales. These hostels range from big, brash ones in city centres (including seven in London) to small, secluded ones in tranquil countryside. Often the buildings, as well as the locations, have immense appeal - many are listed and have interesting historical and/or architectural features.

The YHA is also part of an international movement - the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), which has 60 member countries worldwide. In order to achieve environmental progress at all 240 hostels across England and Wales, the YHA is using the framework of the IYHF Environment Charter, which has the following aims and objectives.

  1. CONSUMPTION - to adopt cost effective purchasing practices that avoid and minimise waste, facilitate recycling and minimise the use of substances harmful to the environment.

  2. ENERGY CONSERVATION - to use energy efficiently in hostel operations.

  3. RECYCLING - to recycle as much waste as possible. To use recycled products, where possible.

  4. POLLUTION - to minimise pollution of land, air and water from hostel operations.

  5. TRANSPORT - to reduce visitor dependency on the car.

  6. NATURE - to encourage greater love, care and knowledge of nature among our visitors.

  7. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - to include environmental education as part of the hostel experience.