Wyndham Morgan Bay Resort

Wyndham Morgan Bay Resort is part of the Green Globe programme through the agreement with CAST - the Caribbean Hotel Association's Caribbean Action for Sustainable Tourism programme. The most recent additions to the Resort's environmental programme include:

  • Filtering discharge effluent through an aerated rock/sand filter to remove suspended solids and reduce the particle size to 10 microns. The water is then circulated through a bank of high intensity UV lamps to destroy bacteria.

  • Installation of a Stantrol system 3 for controlling the chemical balance of the main swimming pool. This system continuously monitors and adjusts the levels of acid and chlorine to provide a healthy pool environment and reduce the amount of chemicals being used.

  • One of the 30 room blocks will be converted from the current situation of electrically heating hot water to a dual system of solar heating with electrical backup system. Based on the results of the initial block conversion the viability of converting the whole system will be assessed.

  • Inventing a new solution to replace Brasso polish which consists of salt, vinegar and flour for polishing chefing dishes, copper door handles and locks.

More information: www.wyndham.com