Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is one of the premier resorts in the Algarve with a unique combination of facilities and attractions. The resort is a mixture of privately owned properties, rental accommodation, golf courses and a tennis centre. The Vale do Lobo resort has always been committed to the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. The resort will aim to:

  1. Continue with improving its own environmental practices.
  2. Ensure compliance with all the local environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard.
  3. Plan and design new development with a minimum environmental impact.
  4. Raise environmental awareness amongst employees and business associates through communication.
  5. Encourage local environmental improvements through our own application and provision of information.
  6. Efficiently manage and minimise waste production.
  7. Increase green areas within the resort.
  8. Introduce methods to reduce traffic noise and speed.
Vale do Lobo have also implemented a major project which involves the total refurbishment of the beach, covering an area of 1400 metres in front of the resort. This involves the dredging and pumping of 700,000m3 of sand and the construction of artificial dunes to reinforce crumbling cliff tops and the installation of surface water drainage to lessen erosion from the cliff tops. Various solutions to the erosion problem were proposed and investigated and this particular project was chosen as the most 'environmentally friendly.'