Lindner Hotels AG Environmental Policy

Lindner Hotels AG, based in Düsseldorf, is part of the Lindner Group of Companies which was formed over thirty years ago by architect and engineer Otto Lindner. Lindner's firm of architects gave birth to Gebau AG, a property management company which was set up Rheinstern Hotel GmbH in 1973. This company was to become Lindner Hotels AG in 1990, and is still under 100% under family ownership.

Today Lindner Hotels AG comprises nine business and holiday hotels in Germany and Switzerland, plus three specialised executive apartment buildings for extended stays (we at Lindner call them "Boardinghäuser"/Boardinghouses).

The, philosophy of the Hotel Group is to provide a service specifically geared to the needs of individual guests, captured in the corporate slogan. "Lindner Hotels: Not just better. But different."

Lindner Hotels are special, not standard. At least, that's our aim. We're creating our own market homebase and offering our own specific target groups (in personal terms, our house-guests) just that little bit extra. And we carry this alternative approach through to ecology and energy saving. If we claim to be "Not just better. But different" then we have to put our money where our mouth is.

So about three years ago, we invested largely in advanced environmental technologies.

Here are just a few of our green projects :

1.All Lindner Hotels are in turn being equipped with an advanced open-loop control system from Landis & Gyr (the DOC system UNIGYR EMS 40 Insight). This means major savings on power, heating and water/wastewater.

Our Lindner Hotel Rheinstern in Düsseldorf, for instance, is now saving an "annual 500,000 kilowatt-hours on electricity and 20,000 m³ wastewater. "The new system has also pared heating bills - we're consuming much less gas.

DDC technology means we can shut off energy supplies to non-operative wings, non-occupied rooms and conference facilities on the button - major savings and naturally a parallel easing of the environmental load.

2. At all Lindner Hotels, waste is professionally separated as follows :

  • Lightweight packaging (plastics, composites and metals) marked with the Green Dot (Germany's recyclable materials symbol)
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Glass (colour-sorted into white, brown and green)
  • Organic waste
  • Residual waste
  • Contaminant materials
  • Fats, cooking and waste oils
  • Recyclable materials like plastic, metal, paper, glass etc. are relooped into Germany's Green Dot/Dual System

3. Over recent years we've also launched widespread waste-avoidance projects;
  • We've stopped providing single-pack cosmetic products, toiletries and so on in hotel rooms and introduced dispenser Systems.
  • We've stopped providing foods in portion packs and now either sell these products loose or use dispensers.
  • Wherever and whenever we can, we buy in foodstuffs that are recyclable-packaged .
  • Again, whenever we can, we serve beverages from tap dispensers or buy in drinks in recyclable bottles
  • We're using more fabric napkins.
  • We're using more recycled-paper toilet tissue, office stationery etc.

4. To save electricity, we've installed isolating switches in all our hotel rooms plus power-save lamps and motion detectors in public areas like underground car parks, corridors etc.

5. We've reduced water consumption in our hotels:
  • We've equipped all wash-basin and shower fittings in our hotel rooms with flow restrictors/flow-guides that level out water volume whatever the pressure.
  • We've sunk our own wells, so all planted areas and gardens surrounding Lindner Hotels are replenished by rainwater only.
  • All WCs in hotel rooms have flush-timers.

6. Like almost all our sector colleagues, Lindner Hotels AG contracts out all room cleaning, public-area maintenance and laundry. All external service companies we use are vetted to the most stringent environmental "standards. All cleansers and washing powders/liquids are guaranteed nil-phosphate and bleach-free, No pipe-cleaning agents are used.

7. Special racks in bathrooms mean guests at Lindner Hotels can choose how often their towels are changed and washed.

8. We put maximum green thinking into initial construction planning and design through;
  • Thermal insulation via roof blanketing, insulation glazing and, where possible, frontage climbers and root plantings.
  • Environment-friendly products throughout our interiors - wool carpeting, stone or marble floors and wood furniture.
Clearly, the projects listed above - just a few of the many initiated by Lindner Hotels - call for professional consulting. And happily we're backed by a specialist company that monitors all our ecology-related activities for compliance with the highest standards and also tells us how much greeener we can get.
Our prime aims are to cut waste to the minimum and pare power costs below our current low level.