Jeddah Conference Palace

Jeddah Conference Palace is managed by Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts. The hotel aims to contribute to the preservation of the environment for this and future generations through:

  1. Actively conserving natural resources and energy in hotel operations.
  2. Efficiently managing and minimising hotel waste production.
  3. Utilising products and materials which are environmentally friendly.
  4. Fully recognising and practising environmentally sound activities, thereby generating improvement in environmental performance in the palace.
  5. Pursuing action programmes benefiting the environment in the Palace's local community.
  6. Fostering environmental awareness both internally and externally.
A comprehensive environmental review was conducted by the hotel in 1996 to produce an environmental action plan, setting targets for: indoor air quality; use of pesticides and herbicides; community action; energy conservation; asbestos; use of PCBs; laundry and dry cleaning; product purchasing; waste management; hazardous materials; water; storage tanks; air emissions and noise.

The hotel also hosted its own environmental exhibition in 1998, in observance with the Environmental Awareness Day Green Globe helps to co-ordinate at World Travel Market each year. The concept of the exhibitions was to 'create an environment where environmental activities of Jeddah Conference Palace can be displayed for public viewing'. The objective being to 'foster awareness among the community of Jeddah'.