Ibex Expeditions Private Limited

Ibex Expeditions Private Limited, established in 1979, are India's leading tourism company that organise eco tours, adventure holidays and special interest journeys, as well as cultural and heritage tours throughout the Indian sub-continent. A division of Ibex conducts outward bound management programmes for team building and leadership development for the corporate world.

Ibex' tours are designed with care and sensitivity to environmental and ecological impact. The tours are organised with detail to attention and Ibex represents various travel companies from different parts of the world.

The nature based tours of Ibex have a minimal impact on the environment, where special porters are employed to bring all non biodegradeable waste back from base camps; solar lanterns and solar powered cookers ensure vital firewood is not utilised as this is of more use to the local villagers and no detergents are allowed to pollute the natural waterways.

Ibex has also helped to support the local community in numerous ways by encouraging clients to purchase from local NGO's and buy handicrafts and paintings crafted by local communities to provide an income for people who previously relied on poaching. Ibex also encourages clients to respect local cultures and sensitivities and provides direct employment to local people as cooks, guides and porters. Medical and relief supplies are donated in times of need.

Ibex Expeditions are the recipients of:

The PATA Discovery Award 1998 recognising new and unique tours; the PATA Gold Award 1999 for environmental education programme.

The environmental programme of Ibex also has a global reach through membership of Green Globe, PATA Green Leaf and the Ecotourism Society.

For more information www.IbexExpeditions.com