Hotel Inter-Continental Seoul

Hotel Inter-Continental Seoul have a comprehensive in-house environmental programme including a campaign for waste minimisation to 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.'

REDUCE - detergents, packaging, wet foods, paper cups, vinyl bags and batteries
REUSE - copying papers, plastic cases, old clothes, furniture and office stationery
RECYCLE - aluminium cans, paper, plastic, wet food, glass, furniture and office stationery

The hotel participates in a waste campaign in the Tanchun river area on a 3 month basis. The campaign was launched in 1994 by the Kangnam District Office who assigned the Tanchun river area to the hotel. The area used to be a waste dump for the nearby apartments but after a 4 year clean-up programme the government office has changed the area to make a jogging track for the local community. The hotel has received the 'Make Kangnam Beautiful' award from the district office.

The latest initiative is to charge staff £1 for any food left over at the staff cafeteria. This has reduced waste by ¼ and the associated cost savings were used to improve the quality of the food.